What is Maker Fest?

Yesterday we updated the site with a link to register as an exhibitor at Maker Fest 2016. But, what exactly is Maker Fest?

Maker Fest is an event where local Makers are invited to show off their projects, hobbies, and even small businesses. Last year we had people who built their own 3D printers, Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects, a musical robot, HAM radio operators, a blacksmith, drones, kites, and lots of other great exhibits. Basically if you make things, anything, you’re welcome to exhibit at Maker Fest. Maker Fest isn’t exclusively about high-tech Making either; things like woodworking, sewing, and other traditional crafts are welcome.

The purpose is to celebrate innovation, creativity, and the do-it-yourself spirit that has historically made Dayton a world center of entrepreneurship and manufacturing. There is also the opportunity to give seminars, workshops and panel discussions on various Maker topics.

This is a free, family friendly event, although it is not exclusively a K-12 or STEM event. Adults will find just as much to enjoy as the kids will.