A Journey of Maker Discovery

Make It Dayton has, to date, been a loose gathering of local Makers who banded together to bring Dayton the 2015 and 2016 Maker Fest and the 2016, 2017 and soon 2018 Dayton Mini Maker Faire.  Through these events, we’ve built relationships with numerous makerspaces, maker clubs, startups, libraries, schools and other groups who are interested in growing the Maker Movement in and around Dayton.  Lately, we’ve been thinking – if we’ve managed to bring together 85+ exhibits and 3000+ attendees for the Dayton Mini Maker Faire, and if we now have this growing network of makers, what is next?  How can we make Make It Dayton a force for good in our community?

The answer is – we’re not sure!  But, we’ve recently sent out a survey to the “brain trust” that we’ve pulled together over the last few years and are starting to form the answer.  Make It Dayton will be undergoing some changes and growing pains in 2018 as we redefine what we are outside of just the Maker Faire planning committee.  If you are interested in coming along on this journey of maker discovery with us, here are a few things you can do:

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We plan on starting to hold regular meetings in the coming months, and we’ll be posting that information here as well as social media.  We hope to see you there.

Maker Fest 2016

*Editors Note: This is historical content that is being relocated to the blog section of the website so that our Events page can be updated to reflect current activities for Make It Dayton.

Maker Fest 2016
The second annual Maker Fest was a resounding success! A bit early for Pi Day (3/12/16), we had 24 exhibitors, 8 presentations and over 600 attendees (not to mention 3 food trucks). It was a ton of fun and a great lead in to Dayton’s first Mini Maker Faire in July at Carillon Historical Park. If you want to see the presentations, check out our YouTube channel.

For pictures of the event, check out:

MCM Electronic’s wrap up blog post:

List of Exhibitors

Dayton DiodeHandouts to inform people about Dayton Diode. Projects we are working on to show off.http://www.daytondiode.org/

Dayton History A presentation on the history of invention in Dayton http://www.daytonhistory.org
Dayton Metro Library Examples from the library’s Maker Kits http://www.daytonmetrolibrary.org/makerkits
MCM Electronics We plan on bringing various Raspberry Pi items to sell as well as a 3D printer (Ultimaker2+) and a few Raspberry Pi projects. http://www.mcmelectronics.com
STEAM Works Labs STEAM Work Labs is Dayton’s 1st Digital MakerSpace focused on integrating Science, Technology, Entrprenuership, Arts & MakerSpaces to provide a publicly accessible space to serve the community and foster a vibrant entrepreneurial maker culture. http://www.steamworkslabs.com
Randy Boadway Flying Model Rockets http://www.erockets.biz
AFRL/RXOE Engineering Services Items to include but not limited to: A wide collection of 3D printed parts from Stratasys Fortus 400mc (both functional and demonstrative), laser engravings/cutouts, CNC mill and lathe samples, EDM sample work, and a combination thereof.
Jacob Baker We will be bringing things made of reclaimed wood from the greater Dayton area. Such items include: small tables, signs, coasters, and other home decor. Everything is made from reclaimed wood and salvaged items.
Adev Automation Adev Automation will bring our strawberry harvesting robot to Maker Fest. http://www.adevautomation.com/
David Wirth Bits and pieces of a 3d printed railgun. A presentation about construction of the railgun
Peter G. Raeth, Ph.D. The world of open-access is vast. Numerous individual search engines address that situation, with each engine covering a portion of what is available. To help people identify those engines and employ them with just one query, I built and am evolving a meta-search engine, http://informationanthology.net/Open-Access-Search.html. Access to this cloud-based application is free. http://informationanthology.net/Open-Access-Search.html
Matthew Dallmeyer Demonstrating Field Programmable Gate Array(FPGA) hardware and development. FPGAs are re-configurable digital logic devices. These devices allow you to research, develop, and prototype your digital logic designs. This exhibit will showcase the tools, process and hardware involved in FPGA development. https://github.com/djmatt/VHDL-Lib
Jennifer Chilman 3D Printed and laser printed display pieces, small mind storm robots, interactive key chain assemblies, promotional videos https://www.clarkstate.edu/advanced-manufacturing
Miami Valley Knitters Guild We will have samples of knitting, and have free kits to teach people how to knit. http://www.mvkg.org
Science Castle of Yellow Springs As a preview of a local science center under development, I will bring art projects that develop math and social skills in parallel. In the creation of spinning tops, mobiles, jewelry, young people experience intriguing math concepts in fun and visceral forms.

The Science Castle of Yellow Springs combines interactive museum and sensory integration workshop. The Castle teaches us the mysteries of math and science to reveal the secret of ourselves.

Miami Valley Mesh Alliance A presentation on mesh networks and communication van, as well as a group meeting
Civil Air Patrol Aerospace education kits and teaching materials to promote STEM programs in schools.
Dayton Sewing Collaborative The Dayton Sewing Collaborative is a maker space that is being established to provide a space for sewist, fashion designers and textile artist to work, collaborate and learn. The Dayton Sewing Collaborative is focused on workforce development, supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem and creative collaboration in the community.
We will have information about Dayton Sewing Collaborative and may also have a sewing activity geared towards younger attendees.
Contact CI We are bringing our motion capture glove that we are developing to integrate with the virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc. We also can bring the several Google Cardboards and Gear VR to exhibit and spread the VR word. https://www.twitter.com/feeltheunreal
Jeremy Hong LED Rave shades that sync with music and is controlled from a Smartphone. Featured on Wright State’s Front Page: http://webapp2.wright.edu/web1/newsroom/2016/02/01/circuit-judge/ Featured on University of Pennsylvania’s Engineering Magazine: http://www.seas.upenn.edu/alumni/magazine.php
RTL-SDR Weather Station (Using Raspberry Pi and Arduino)
Wright Stuff Rocketeers We are the Dayton/Springfield Model Rocket Club http://www.wsr703.org
PowerStackers We are a non-profit neighborhood Robotics team. Students learn STEM through a yearly robotic challenge.
We will bring several robots built for competition and outreach demo.We will show our current season competition robot which advanced to 3 State Championships (OH, KY and PA), winning a number of trophies. In the exhibit, students introduce the FIRST Robotics Program, explain the challenge and demo the current competition robot. Besides talking about the technical side of the program, the students will show how they run the team as a company/business, the core values the students embrace (teamwork, gracious professionalism, and Coopetition (Cooperation and competition).
Ben Daly Three quadcopters, all modified to varying extent by 3D printing. One has custom propeller guards, one is entirely 3D printed, and one is is carbon fiber with 3D printed joints.
Sarah Jordan A presentation on “Molten Metal for Makers” http://skuldllc.com/
Slick Labs Devices we’ve built over the year to include medical devices, 3D printed parts, and automatic guitar tuner, and possibly more) http://www.slicklabs.us/

AFRL Maker Fest

On Super Pi Day (3/14/15), the first ever AFRL Maker Fest was held at Tec^Edge.  We had over 500 attendees, several discussion panels and exhibitors from all over the Dayton Area. Make It Dayton is working on next year’s event and looking forward to an even larger turnout!

Here are some pictures of the event:

By the Wright Brothers Institute

and by MCM Electronics