The Wright Shirt for the Wright Occasion!

This is our third year for the Dayton Mini Maker Faire, and if there is one thing we’ve heard consistently from our exhibitors and our attendees it’s “where can I get a tee shirt?”  Well, we’ve heard you and today we deliver.  Announcing the first official Dayton Mini Maker Faire tee shirt, available through Bonfire!

*Free pun with every purchase!

Our Bonfire Tee campaign will be open for only 14 days, so don’t wait to place your order!  The proceeds from shirt sales will help fund this year’s Maker Faire.  The shirts come in Unisex, Ladies Slim Fit and Child styles, as well as a variety of colors.  You can purchase the shirts directly from Bonfire’s website, and they are shipped to you after the 2 week campaign ends.  These shirts are only available online, you cannot purchase them in the Carillon Historical Park gift shop.

We hope you’ll show your support for the Dayton Mini Maker Faire by buying and wearing one of these tees!

Order your shirt between now and April 11 at