Desktop Metal Printing for the DIY Market

This week’s blog post is from Rick Wills. Rick is a retired aerospace engineer, amateur liquid rocketry proponent and one of our co-planners of the Make It Dayton Festival.

WSM Printing and the University of Dayton teamed up to development a desktop 3D wire welder printer.  The current prototype printer is in testing and uses a Miller Matic 180 to melt the wire; the welder’s head is on a custom 3D printing gantry.  

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The printer is developed to meet the DIY market; additionally all information for this design is open source. The development team is currently planning to experiment with the printer’s capability and limits 

The first piece attempted was a cylinder.  The pictures below show this first piece with the wire printer head

A picture containing indoor, wall, window, table

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We’ll be publicly demonstrating the printer for the first time at the Make It Dayton Festival. Hope to see you there!

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