Make It Dayton Festival

What is the Make It Dayton Festival?

It is Dayton’s own gathering of Makers and Crafters. Here is where we showcase local artists, woodworkers, 3D-printers, rocketeers, alongside makers and crafters of all kinds! If you have a passion for arts, hobbies, and do-it-yourself projects, then you will find that you will love the Make It Dayton Festival. We encourage all people and families to attend. And if you have that maker spirit, we would love for you to sign up and show off your talents.

When and Where!

The Make It Dayton Festival will be on October 5th 2019 – the anniversary of the first practical flight – at beautiful Carillon Historical Park in Dayton.

Sign Up to Show Off!


We love exhibitors who have a passion for making! Please come and share with us your craft and how you do it. We especially love people who share their craft through hands-on activities.

Our Makers!

We couldn’t celebrate the Maker community of Dayton without our Makers! Click on an image in the gallery to see more info about a maker.

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