2019 Maker List

The Makers!

The current list of Maker exhibitors at the 2019 Make It Dayton Festival. Know someone who should come show off? Send them HERE to sign up!!

Low-Cost Custom Cars

I will show custom low-cost cars and a 12V tool adapter system

IC3D Printers

IC3D’s large object printing combines the best of digital fabrication with materials of all kinds. Experience 3D printed objects and devices made with the new technology!

The Tinker Pi Factory

The Tinker Pi Factory is a STEM learning platform where kids (and adults) can learn about IOT, robotics and 3D printing.

Buildit Challenge

Everything at a Buildit Challenge is designed and built by young people using materials at hand, and their imagination. You can check out some projects from recent Buildit Challenge events and hear about ideas from some of our innovators.

Doug’s Electronics

Even though my name is Doug’s Electronics my product is craft related. Metal Earth models are Stainless steel and brass model kits that you assemble. We now carry Box Theater Crafting kits, and Hanayama metal puzzles. We’ll be selling metal earth model kits and dollhouse kits.

Amateur Liquid Rocketry

Midwest Propulsion Group will be showing (and possibly firing!) off their liquid rocket test stand

Wright Stuff Rocketeers

Model rocketry displays, demo flights, and the opportunity to build and fly your own rocket right beside the historic Deeds Carillon!

MakerBoxes @ Wright Library

See what you can make @ your library. Get hands on with the Wright Library’s latest MakerBoxes–maker kits that check out for 3 weeks at a time! Additional check-out-able how-to, engineering, inventing, and making materials will also be at the table for you to peruse.

Handcrafted Wood and Acrylic Pens

I will illustrate the steps involved in handcrafting wood and acrylic pens including showing some of the tools involved. I can do the same this year, and potentially bring in more of the tools (like my portable lathe) and potentially have a demonstration. But given the safety issues, this can’t be a public interactive display. If allowed, my wife would also like to display and illustrate the steps in her eco-printing, where images of leaves are printed on paper using natural dyes.

FlexQuad® Electric Cars

We supply car kits. These are low speed vehicles that you steer with your feet. They fold up for easy storage and are a portable alternative to golf cars and electric scooters. Yet, you build and customize it!

3D print anything anytime anywhere!

Learn how to 3D print absolutely anything! We will be talking about 3D design, 3D imaging and everything else in the 3D Printing industry!

Michael Fehskens

Self-published children’s books, comic books, and coloring books will be shown and information about self-publishing and design will be shared.

Ask me anything about COSPLAY

Interested in getting into cosplay, costuming, or foamsmithing? Come ask me anything! Plus, I’ll have prop and costume examples to see and touch, as well as completed items for sale.

Wright Brothers Chalk Art

I will be creating a Chalk Art design of the Wright Brothers Plane

Dayton Metro Library

Guests will get the opportunity to use one of the library many Maker Kits to create and bind a book of their own to take with them.

Miami Valley Knitting Guild

We will have members actively demonstrating knitting, spinning and other fiber arts techniques, and will give knitting lessons and FREE learn-to-knit kits to interested guests.

Fairborn Flying Aces RC club

Static display rc flight simulators


Galatune is a battle royal card game that got its start in Dayton. Stop by to try the game out yourself and to learn about game design. 2-5 players. Ages 10+

Hands on Pottery

Born in the wilds of southern Ohio and raised by forest creatures, Meg Smallwood has a fire for creation. Working in clay, metal, paint and digital realms, Smallwood Arts brings fantasy to life. Meg, in collaboration with her partner and prime Dan, have been creating fantastic art for over a decade. From fun and functional pottery, out-of-this world prints to whimsical sculpture, these two offer something for everyone. This year we will invite our visitors to watch and engage with the clay on the potters wheel. Meg will be doing live demonstrations of how these lumps of mud become beautiful works of art!

Model Railroading–So Easy, So Fun!

Exhibits will include a working tabletop railroad (T-TRAK), materials and steps to make scenery, building kits, informational handouts. Hands-on includes building a paper house, designing your own railroad engine colors and logo and coloring books for the toddlers who attend.

Steam Powered Spin Art

This year’s exhibit is a two cylinder, double acting steam engine of my own design powering a home built spin art machine where you can create your very own art pieces on 5×8" index cards. You will operate the steam engine! You keep the art! Other engines will be on display and some will be running on live steam.

Take A Hike

Take A Hike, walking sticks canes and wood crafts. No two are alike seeing as every stick is hand picked from nature cleaned carved and decorated in its own way. Custom designs can be done along with custom grips and wrist straps ranging from leather to paracord to rope and twine. You can see examples by finding me on Facebook or Instagram or email alekmartin92@gmail.com with custom ideas or questions.

Washington-Centerville Public Library

Washington-Centerville Public Library supports the Maker Movement through its innovative Maker Kits, Make It programs, and Fixit Clinics.

First FTC Robotics Team 5040

We will setup a field for the visitors and let them drive robots designed by the students. Visitors will also be able to learn about FIRST and how to participate

3D Wire welder printer

We will demonstrate a DIY wire welder printer

Hands On Engineering

Hands on Legos, Tetrix to build and program robots. Design, build, and fly an electric tethered airplane.

Breezy Tunnels

Our exhibit will allow guests to interact, test, and discuss a wind tunnel designed for classroom use.

Computer Science and Aviation History

The Inventors Council presents a relay based computer with tethered robot in 2ft square playground and analog computer to teach computer science and simulation, Wright Flyer in a wind tunnel to teach aviation history, aircraft stability and control. Programming of the computers can be altered and people get to try flying the Wright Flyer. Both demonstrate things to make and how to make things.

Amateur Radio Pavilion

Hands on radio and electronics demonstrations and kit building!

Today’s Microcomputers

As computers shrink in size and cost, they become incredibly faster and more powerful. We are showing a few of the latest micro-sized computers and how easy they are to work with. DMA – Making sense of today’s technology

Dayton 3D Printing Society Community Print

The Dayton 3D Printing Society will be presenting a scale model of Carillon Park’s own Deeds Carillon. The completed (hopefully!) model stands at over 2 meters tall, comprises 173 parts, and taking over 500 hours of printing time. Members of D3DPS have contributed to the design, printing, and assembly of the model. Members will be on hand to talk about 3D design and printing.

Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil – Blacksmithing

We will be demonstrating blacksmithing using mostly tools that were made by the demonstrators. We will also have displays of blacksmithing and foundry work that was created by members of Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil members.

JLM Glass Studio

I will bring my mobile glassblowing studio and offer live demonstrations. Guests will be encouraged to engage with questions and feedback on art direction.

I make custom chainmail ring by ring with a set of pliers. I normally always bring something to work on to show the process for how each project is made.

Parts Express

We will demonstrate the uses of audio exciters and how the sound is affected by the material they are attached to. We will also be showing people how they can build their own Bluetooth boom boxes.

Greene County Public Library – Spark Place

Spark Place, Greene County Public Library’s makerspace, is located on the second floor of Xenia Community Library. You’ll find a variety of equipment to help with creative projects. Our knowledgable staff can teach you to use tools and technology you haven’t tried before. Join us at our booth today to try our laser engraver!

Midwest Naval Combat Club / RC Warship Combat

We are a local club that command radio controlled scale models of the world’s naval warships from the 1870s through 1950s. There are two classes, Treaty which is 1:144 scale and Battle Stations which is 1:96 scale. We have battles of allied vs axis teams and that shoot BBs or ¼” ball bearing at each other in attempt to sink the other guy, yes they shoot and they sink. The ships range in size from less than a foot long all the way to over 9 feet long. We use 3D printers to help create parts and superstructure of our ships.