2020 Maker List

The Makers!

The current list of Maker exhibitors at the 2020 Make It Dayton Festival. Know someone who should come show off? Send them HERE to sign up!!

Low-Cost Custom Cars

A set of street legal motorcycle and car decorated Halloween-style to match!

Sunspot LARP

Find out what Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) is and how you can get involved. Learn about making sci-fi props, costumes, puzzles, and more…

Doug’s Electronics

Even though my name is Doug’s Electronics my product is craft related. Metal Earth models are Stainless steel and brass model kits that you assemble. We now carry Box Theater Crafting kits, and Hanayama metal puzzles. We’ll be selling metal earth model kits and dollhouse kits.

Amateur Liquid Rocketry

Midwest Propulsion Group will be showing (and possibly firing!) off their liquid rocket test stand

Fairborn Flying Aces RC club

Static display rc flight simulators